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“The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty-first century will not occur because of technology,

but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human."

- John Naisbitt

Companies, from early-stage startups to large, established corporations, all face the same confusing and overwhelming changes in their environment. A world that radically changes and forces companies to adapt in order to survive.

However, our experience is that more often than not, the solution they choose to answer their problems and navigate the new reality causing them to lose their most important asset: their people.

We are here to support you to take a step back and focus on what should be in the center of effort:

The human beings

This is why the starting point for our work is always the human being and his role in the digital era.

Instead of providing ready made answers, we want to explore questions with you and co-create a solution that fits your needs.

Invidvual Level

All of our work always starts here

Guiding questions:

How does a healthy Tech Life Balance looks like for me?

How can I manage to mindfuly seperate work and private life?

How can I create an environment to focus and experience Flow at work?

Redesign Yourself-

Create your own Tech Life Balance


⏱ 1,5 h
👥 Unlimited number of participants

Tech Life Balance -
The skills of the future


⏱ 3 h
👥 10-30 participants

Team Level

Guiding questions:

How does a healthy Tech Life Balance looks like for my team?

How can we support each other in unlocking full creativity and collaborative potential?

Digital Resilient Teams -
A format to empower (remote or hybrid) teams


⏱ 3 modules à 2 days
👥 Whole teams

Organisational Level

Guiding questions:

How can we reimagine „digital transformation“ - To go from a software and hardware driven change project to a holistic and humane mission?

How does technology change the relationship with our employees?

What do employees need to create and demand their own tech life balance?

Design a humane digital tranformation -


A co-creative approach on transformation

Product Level

Guiding questions:

How can an ethically designed product look like?

How can ethical product development work?

How can we integrate social and environmental sustainability into our digital products?

How to design for people and the planet -


⏱ 5 day Sprint Workshop
👥 10-30 participants

Why we need to repurpose technology


⏱ 2 h
👥 Unlimited number of participants

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