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To create sustainable change, we must start where the foundations for the future are being build today:


At the generations of tomorrow.

The educational landscape is changing. Covid-19 fast-forwarded the need for digitalization of schools, making it both tangible and visible that the current system is not ready for the future.

This is why our work focuses on the most important stakeholders:

The pupils and the teacher.

The guiding questions for our education projects:

How can we reinvent „media literacy“: To go from a device-first strategy to an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on technology and its impact on self and society?


How can we enable teachers to meet students at eye-level, understand their reality of life, and help them develop the necessary skills for creating better relationships with technology?


Which resources do we need to provide in order to support students in educating themselves on the topic?

Our Pilot Project


Partner school:

Reinvent yourself

After an interactive talk for the whole school, we facilitated three design sprints for kids between 13-19.

They reflected on their own behaviour with technology, interviewed each other and generated various ideas for their own challenges.

After that, they prototyped future versions of themselves that incorporated all the ideas for a better relationship with technology and tested this Prototype

for 4 weeks.

Talk & Design Sprint Workshop with kids

We are looking for collaborators!

You are a teacher and would like to bring this topic into your classroom?

You are a student and need information or ressources?

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