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Why politics?

As expressed by Germany's national treasure of satire,

Jan Böhmermann:

"Nationalize Google, expropriate Facebook and regulate Twitter. All this must be communitized. This is system-relevant infrastructures, just like the 19th century railroads were, just like at some point telephone or television. This can be privatized again one day. But first it has to be communitized. There is no other way. It is too important."

- Jan Böhmermann, 2020

Source: David Gern, Jan Böhmermann ist zurück! Über digitale Aphorismen und kritischen Journalismus; Stand: 14.09.2020 09:33 Uhr


The design of a digital product follows the rules and values that are currently found in society. As we developed a so called "attention economy", money is being made in accordance to the amount of time a user spends on a given device.

The priority in this market logic lies on quantity, not quality.

Large tech companies have the power to steer the attention of millions of people. With this level of influence, they should have the duty to act ethically correct, representing the interest of the people.

To change this system, politics can be a powerful tool.

Image by Nico Mksmc

The goal is to ensure that legal, ethical and social design regulations exist for all current and future digital products.

These should guarantee that human weaknesses are not exploited but that technology becomes a means (and not an end in itself) for a fair, social, and viable society.

The goal

The guiding questions for our political projects and actions:

How can we enable decision and lawmakers to ensure that digital transformation becomes human centred ?

How can we empower citizens to understand the importance of their digital rights and claim them?

How can we regulate digital products in order to protect the consumer ?


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