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The Institute consists of people and partners. 

People who are passionate about creating the future and making it more human centred. Partnerships that foster positive social change and create interdisciplinary solutions.

We believe in the power of collaboration.

With so many brilliant minds out there, we believe bringing people together creates results far greater than what we could ever imagine.




Rebecca has 5+ years of experience working with change management, innovation management and (self) Leadership, for clients ranging from primary schools to DAX 50 companies. In 2017 she started the Institute for Tech Life Balance exploring how human beings can create a better relationship with technology.

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Camilla has 4+ years of experience working with product management within the FinTech and EdTech industries. She is passionate about creating solutions that benefit people and planet. Excited about bringing ideas into reality and exploring human x tech interactions.



Pablo is an agile coach and consultant with a

focus on design thinking and user research
He has been working for various organisations in Germany, Europe and North America since 2016.
His professional focus is on human-centred innovation and design processes as well as the development of an innovation and digitalisation infrastructure. 



Salome is a passionate and social driven graphic designer with a specialisation in branding and concept art. She is the main creator of the Institutes visual work. She is looking for new ways to change systems
in order to gradually come to a respectful and mindful society.



Pietro is a fervent writer who creates content for the institute. He loves to research to broaden his understanding of society and the world. His hope is to make a positive change on society and to share his ideas with others.



Shitshow - Mental health consultancy

»SHIT HAPPENS. WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS HOW WE HANDLE IT.« SHITSHOW empowers you to shape a mentally healthy organization – and helps to get people excited about the idea.


Not less but better

not less but better is an app that helps you learn healthy smartphone habits. Overcome bad habits through techniques from behavioral psychology. Replace them with good ones that last.

You want to join the mission?
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